Acknowledgments for the English edition

    Throughout the time I have been teaching this course in Chinese, I have maintained an English version of its contents, and made several hundred photocopies for people who requested them.  In early 1997 I sent a copy to Dr. Robert Newman of IBRI, requesting his comments on its contents.  To my surprise, he expressed interest in IBRI publishing it.  I have added a considerable amount of material to my course in the meantime, and have taken this opportunity to add that to this English edition of the book.  The book list is also updated with a number of the latest additions to the literature on related subjects.

    Since writing the Chinese edition, I have had helpful correspondence with several people, particularly on the subjects of the relationship between Biblical interpretation and scientific interpretation, and on how this issue applies to the age of the earth.  These people include Del Ratzsch and Robert Newman, whose books and articles have been helpful to me for many years now.  Others who have read and commented on my photocopied articles include (in alphabetical order) the late Ruth Dearing, Jody Dillow, Don DeYoung, Wright Doyle, Jeff Eales, Danny Faulkner, Keith Heck, and my son Jonathan.  They of course do not agree with all of it, but their criticisms clarified many important points for me.

David Newquist
December, 2000