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Lectures on the Gospel of Mark
by Swee Hwa Quek

Dr. Quek delivered these lectures on the Gospel of Mark at Biblical Theological Seminary in the Spring of 1982.  He received his doctorate in Pauline Studies at Manchester University in England. He is currently Dean of the Biblical Graduate School of Theology in Singapore.

Lecture 1a.  Autobiographical Sketch; course objectives; select bibliography.
43:38 min. 10.6 Mb.
Lecture 1b. Pre-Understanding in Exegesis, Approaching the Text.
42:32 min. 9.7 Mb.
Lecture 2a. Historical and Form Criticism. The Sayings of Jesus.
45:19 min. 10.3 Mb.
Lecture 2b. Table Talk: Remarks on Synopses of the Gospels and Bible Study aids.
33:37 min. 7.7 Mb.
Lecture 3. What is the Document before us? Language, Author, Style, Priority of Mark.
66:14 min. 15.1 Mb.
Lecture 4. Mark 1:1-11. The Beginning Prologue. The word "Gospel". Josephus on John the Baptist. Jewish proselyte baptism
68:29 min. 15.6 Mb.
Lecture 4b. Table Talk: Bible Study Resources
34:19 min. 7.9 Mb.
Lecture 5. Mark 1:12-13. The Temptation of Christ.
83:53 min. 19.2 Mb.
Some sound distortion;
noisy original recording.
Lecture 6. Mark 1:14-31. Peter's Mother-in-law.  Classification of miracles. Healing of the Leper.
86:00 min. 19.6 Mb.
Lecture 7.  Mark 2:23-28. Plucking grain. Two Problems: (1) "In the days of Abiathar the High Priest"; (2) "Son of Man is Lord even of the Sabbath".  Withered Hand.
94:37 min. 21.6 Mb.
Lecture 8. Mark 3:22-27. Collusion with Satan. Treatment of Mark by higher critics. Use of Parables.
61:45 min. 14.1 Mb.
Lecture 9. Mark 4:1-20. Parable of the soils. The use of parables to obscure things for the non-elect. Summary of Mark 3:7-6:13.
84:48 min. 19.4 Mb.
Lecture 10. Mark 6:32-8:13. Feeding of 5,000; Healing at Genessaret; Syrophoenician Woman; Deaf mute; Feeding of 4,000. Pharisees seek a sign.
76:56 min. 17.6 Mb.
Lecture 11. The Son of God, an Exegetical Exercise on the Person of Christ.  Exegetical, Biblical, Systematic, Historical, and Homiletical Theology.
84:34 min. 19.3 Mb.
Lecture 12. Mark 8:22-26. The Blind Man at Bethsaida. Five terms for the act of seeing. The Inner Logic of Mark 6:14-8:26.
94:30 min. 21.6 Mb.
Lecture 13a. Mark 10:1ff.  The ministry of Christ in Judea. Resumption of his public ministry. Pronouncement stories. The Inner Logic of Mark 8:27-10:52.
38:11 min. 8.7 Mb.
Lecture 13b.  Table Talk. Review of reference resources and how to use them.
63:29 min. 14.5 Mb.
Lecture 14a. Mark 11:1-13:37. The Final Ministry in Jerusalem.
52:07 min. 11.9 Mb.
Lecture 14b. Mark 14-15. The Passion Narrative. The Death of Jesus. Words of the Centurion. The Resurrection Narrative.
41:50 min. 9.5 Mb.

Materials for these lectures
These are photographic images at 200 ppi (about 300 Kb per page)

Course Objectives 01  02 
Select Bibliography
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Lecture 1 outline 01 02
Lecture 1 notes 01  02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09
Lecture 2 notes 01  02 03 04
Lecture 3 notes 01  02

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