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We at IBRI have prepared a number of brief pieces (traditionally called tracts) for various purposes.

Some are tracts to help our Muslim friends.

Others are designed to help people see where the scientific or historical evidence lies for certain controversial matters about which it is more or less important that we know the truth.

- Coral Reefs: Indicators of an Old Earth

- Evolution of the Automobile - A Parable

- Facts on the Textus Receptus and the King James Version of the Bible

- Geocentrism: Was Galileo Wrong?

- Joshua's Long Day and the NASA Computers

- Light-Travel Time: Evidence for an Old Universe

- Nostradamus and the Bible

- Pascal's Wager and the Religions of the World  (pdf version)

- Tidal Slowdown, Coral Growth, and the Age of the Earth

- Varves: Layered Sediments as Evidence for an Old Earth

Others were written to help people see the absolutely crucial importance of their knowing the God who actually exists before they have to face him in judgment.

- Designed Universe

Simplified Chinese  被设计出来的宇宙   PDF  DOC

Traditional Chinese  被設計出來的宇宙   PDF  DOC

- You Bet Your Life!

- Are the Biblical Narratives of Easter Week Reliable?

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