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Many of the lectures and materials posted  here have been re-worked and posted at Ted Hildebrandt's  Digital Biblical Studies Lecture Series.


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Sermons in  Genesis by John Grauley

This is a series of 68 sermons through the book of Genesis.


Commentary on Leviticus by Thomas V. Taylor.

    This is a series of 5 lectures.

Leviticus, Lecture 01 Leviticus, Lecture 02 Leviticus, Lecture 03 Leviticus, Lecture 04 Leviticus, Lecture 05

Commentary on Leviticus by R. Laird Harris

    This is a series of 18 lectures.

Commentary on Deuteronomy by J. Robert Vannoy.

    This is a series of lectures delivered in 1979. The first lecture is missing.

Deuteronomy, Lecture 02a Deuteronomy, Lecture 02b Deuteronomy, Lecture 03a Deuteronomy, Lecture 03b Deuteronomy, Lecture 04a
Deuteronomy, Lecture 04b Deuteronomy, Lecture 05

Commentary on Nehemiah by John S. Murray.

    This is a series of 5 lectures delivered in 1972.

Nehemiah, Lecture 01 Nehemiah, Lecture 02 Nehemiah, Lecture 03 Nehemiah, Lecture 04 Nehemiah, Lecture 05


Commentary on Ecclesiastes by Thomas V. Taylor.

    This is a series of 4 lectures delivered in 197?.

Part 1: Prologue and First Discourse - 85 minutes; 19.4 Mb.
Part 2: Second and Third Discourse - 85 minutes; 19.4 Mb.
Part 3: Fourth Discourse and Epilogue - 84 minutes; 19.2 Mb.
Part 4: Themes of Ecclesiastes - 79 minutes; 18.1 Mb.

Commentary on Isaiah by Allan A. MacRae

    Isaiah 1-6. This is a series of 17 lectures delivered in 1976.

Isa. 1-6, Lecture 01 Isa. 1-6, Lecture 02 Isa. 1-6, Lecture 03 Isa. 1-6, Lecture 04 Isa. 1-6, Lecture 05
Isa. 1-6, Lecture 06 Isa. 1-6, Lecture 07 Isa. 1-6, Lecture 08 Isa. 1-6, Lecture 09 Isa. 1-6, Lecture 10
Isa. 1-6, Lecture 11 Isa. 1-6, Lecture 12 Isa. 1-6, Lecture 13 Isa. 1-6, Lecture 14 Isa. 1-6, Lecture 15
Isa. 1-6, Lecture 16 Isa. 1-6, Lecture 17

    Isaiah 7-12. This is a series of 14 lectures delivered in 1979.

Isa. 7-12, Lecture 01 Isa. 7-12, Lecture 02 Isa. 7-12, Lecture 03 Isa. 7-12, Lecture 04 Isa. 7-12, Lecture 05
Isa. 7-12, Lecture 06 Isa. 7-12, Lecture 07 Isa. 7-12, Lecture 08 Isa. 7-12, Lecture 09 Isa. 7-12, Lecture 10
Isa. 7-12, Lecture 11 Isa. 7-12, Lecture 12 Isa. 7-12, Lecture 13 Isa. 7-12, Lecture 14

    Isaiah 40-56. This is a series of 12 lectures delivered in 1980.

Isa. 40-56, Lecture 01 Isa. 40-56, Lecture 02 Isa. 40-56, Lecture 03 Isa. 40-56, Lecture 04 Isa. 40-56, Lecture 05
Isa. 40-56, Lecture 06 Isa. 40-56, Lecture 07 Isa. 40-56, Lecture 08 Isa. 40-56, Lecture 09 Isa. 40-56, Lecture 10
Isa. 40-56, Lecture 11 Isa. 40-56, Lecture 12

    Isaiah 57-66. This is a series of 4 lectures delivered in 1978.

Isa. 57-66, Lecture 01 Isa. 57-66, Lecture 02 Isa. 57-66, Lecture 03 Isa. 57-66, Lecture 04


Commentary on Jeremiah by Allan A. MacRae
    This is a series of 14 lectures delivered in 1981.

Jeremiah, Lecture 01 Jeremiah, Lecture 02 Jeremiah, Lecture 03 Jeremiah, Lecture 04 Jeremiah, Lecture 05
Jeremiah, Lecture 06 Jeremiah, Lecture 07 Jeremiah, Lecture 08 Jeremiah, Lecture 09 Jeremiah, Lecture 10
Jeremiah, Lecture 11 Jeremiah, Lecture 12 Jeremiah, Lecture 13 Jeremiah, Lecture 14


Commentary on Ezekiel by Allan A. MacRae

    This is a series of 15 lectures delivered in 1983.

Ezekiel, Lecture 01 Ezekiel, Lecture 02 Ezekiel, Lecture 03 Ezekiel, Lecture 04 Ezekiel, Lecture 05
Ezekiel, Lecture 06 Ezekiel, Lecture 07 Ezekiel, Lecture 08 Ezekiel, Lecture 09 Ezekiel, Lecture 10
Ezekiel, Lecture 11 Ezekiel, Lecture 12 Ezekiel, Lecture 13 Ezekiel, Lecture 14 Ezekiel, Lecture 15


Commentary on Daniel by Allan A. MacRae

This is a series of 13 lectures delivered in 1978.

Daniel, Lecture 01 Daniel, Lecture 02 Daniel, Lecture 03 Daniel, Lecture 04 Daniel, Lecture 05
Daniel, Lecture 06 Daniel, Lecture 07 Daniel, Lecture 08 Daniel, Lecture 09 Daniel, Lecture 10
Daniel, Lecture 11 Daniel, Lecture 12 Daniel, Lecture 13

Commentary on Habakkuk by Allan A. MacRae.

    This is a series of  2 lectures delivered in 1976.

Habakkuk, Lecture 01 Habakkuk, Lecture 02

Commentary on The Lord's Prayer by J. Robert Vannoy.

    This is a series of 5 lectures delivered in 1976

Part 1: Thy Will Be Done
Part 2: Hallowed be thy Name
Part 3: Give Us This Day our Daily Bread
Part 4: Forgive Us Our Debts
Part 5: Lead Us Not Into Temptation


Commentary on Mark by Robert C. Newman

    This is a series of 6 lectures.

Mark, Lecture 01 Mark, Lecture 02 Mark, Lecture 03 Mark, Lecture 04 Mark, Lecture 05
Mark, Lecture 06


Commentary on Mark by Swee Hwa Quek.

    This is a series of 15 lectures delivered in 1982.

Commentary on The Epistles of Peter by Robert C. Newman.

    This is a series of 7 lectures.

Peter 01
Peter 02 Peter 03 Peter 04 Peter 05 Peter 06 Peter 07

Commentary on The Revelation by Robert C. Newman.

    This is a series of 7 lectures.

Revelation  01
Revelation  02 Revelation  03 Revelation  04 Revelation  05 Revelation  06 Revelation  07

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